Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hedgehog Love!

    I have always loved hedgehogs, and have wanted one for a pet for years. Unfortunately, they are way too high maintenance for me, so it's not feasible. Instead, I have some really cute photos of hedgehogs to share, that I found online!

    From newborns, to babies, and even a hedgehog getting a bath!

    Aren't they just the cutest things ever? Since I can't have one, maybe that's why I collect them. I have some stuffed animal ones, and even one on a necklace. They are harder to find than you would think! Mostly, the ones I see are in the dog toy sections of grocery or pet stores.

    These darlings were my mother-in-laws, she gave me one, and I inherited the rest when she passed away. They are outside on my stoop, next to the step into the house.


  1. Adorable! Have you knit one for yourself yet? I think I have a pattern somewhere...I'll look and find it in case you don't have one.