Friday, August 31, 2012

Not Just Another Day

    No, it wasn't. Today was my birthday. I had a pretty good one, nice and quiet, just like I prefer. I got to hang out with Hubs this morning, then tuck him into bed. I babysat for Miss Malia, then later on, after Hubs went to work, My good friend Kim and her Cherub came over.

    Cherub swam, and performed a Vegas showgirl act while wearing my lemon slice float on her head. Hilarious! Kim and I laughed alot at that one. Due to the cooler temperatures at night recently, our pool water temp has plummeted down to about 75 degrees. It was up to 82 degrees at its warmest.

   It was very sweet that Kim and Cherub came bearing birthday gifts! Knowing my love of hedgehogs, Cherub presented me with a very adorable figurine, and Kim outdid herself with the triquetra shaped wind chimes. I will probably put them in my new craft room. They are so very cool, and of course, match my new tattoo! Oh, and Cherub made me a birthday card too!

    After they left, I made myself some dinner, then went over to friend Bonny's house. She had invited me over to hang out with her by the fire pit. Since it seemed like it was gonna be chilly, I went! We always have a good time. I wasn't able to go last night, as I wasn't feeling very well. Thankfully I had recovered enough today, that I was able to go.

    All in all, it was a nice quiet birthday. I'm not one for excitement any more, I guess that's what comes with getting older.

    I am still on a crafting break. There is nothing that I feel the need to create at this time. However, a very good friend of daughter Sara's is expecting, so I am mentally gearing up for crocheting another couple of baby blankets! Unfortunately, I have to get the yarn from my NOT favorite store, Hobby Lobby. Oh well, the things we do for the ones we love!