Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here's how my day went, with a little knitting.

    That's right, nothing happened today. I got up this morning, and I was going to go out as we need coffee. I discovered we have more coffee than I thought, so I don't need to go today. It isn't a good idea to go to Adams on the weekend. At all. You can spend hours just trying to find a place to park...

    I truly did nothing today. It's very hard to breathe, as it's so fracking humid. I did go down and turn on the pool filter, but that was the only time I left the house. It was very traumatic, though. As I was walking towards the pump house, to bleed the air out of the filter, I saw something moving in the grass. I stopped when I realized it was about a foot long section of a snake's tail. He was going  behind the diving board, which is on it's long edge, on the ground, leaning against the pump house.

   I carefully peeked into the pump house, and saw part of his body, then spotted his head, watching me bleed the filter. I finished, and very carefully backed the hell outta there. I had quietly moved the diving board so I could get a better look at him. He was about four feet long. No wonder we haven't had any frogs in the pool lately. He looked very well fed. I just hope he isn't eating my little chipmunks.

    I finally did end up going to the grocery store, as we really needed milk and half & half. I picked up a few other things we needed too. I didn't have to go to Adams for those things, but that's where I have to go to get my coffee. I also like to get meat and produce there.

    At one point I did try and knit a few rows on my stole, but I fracked it up. I started by doing the wrong row, but kept going anyway. After the wrong side purl row, I did the row I should have started with, and ended up being one stitch short. I cursed for a minute, then put it away. I told you I can't try to knit lace and watch TV at the same time!

    So now dinner is in the oven, and we are going to be eating late tonight. It was too hot to cook earlier. Now, the temp has gone down, but it's still really humid outside.

    Tomorrow is the karate school family potluck picnic! I am really looking forward to that. The kids love to hang out and play with their instructors. They have it at Hackett Hill Park every year, and the kids can swim, and they play touch football, and all kinds of games. It looks like Hubs won't be attending with me this year, he has to go to the Fishkill house and do some work on the back deck. He has the use of some tool-thingie for the weekend only, so he has to do it tomorrow.

    I will take my camera, so hopefully I can get some good photos of the picnic.

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