Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Picnic in the Park

    Every year, my son's karate school has a big picnic, at a local town park. There is a swimming pool, a big pavilion, and a large flat field where they set up a net for badminton and volley ball. Sometimes they get a touch football game together.

    It's a potluck affair, so everyone brings food, and there is usually a contest for the best particular food. One year it was chili, and this year was wings. They only had two entries, so they didn't do the judging.  The instructors are the judges.

    I only took a few photos, as my camera battery is getting low, and I was afraid it would die on me. The above photo is a shot of one of the food tables. Salads, desserts, chips and drinks.  The next one is a photo of part of the pool, with lots of kids in it!

    My daughter and son-in-law came too, and here they are:

    Right next to the pavilion, there is a really adorable little copse, with some trees and rocks. I always think it would make a good photo, so I took one of it.

    And that is my day. I sat and ate, and watched the kids swim and talked to people. I was so very tired, so after a few hours, I left. I felt bad leaving early, but Julie said she would watch my taboule salad, and bring me home my bowl after the picnic was over. They were just here a little while ago. There was still salad in the bowl.

    Like I said, I was so tired, when I got home, Hubs was in the shower, he had just gotten home from the Fishkill house. Then we went into the bedroom, and took a long, well deserved nap. I got up about an hour ago, Hubs just got up a few minutes ago.

    I took my knitting with me, but didn't work on it. I made a booboo, and really, just didn't want to deal with it. I couldn't devote enough of my attention to it, to find the mistake, and possibly attempt to fix it.

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