Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finallly Decided on a Pattern!

     That's right, I finally decided on a pattern, after days of searching in my binders, I have two giant ones. I also searched Crochet Patterns Central, as well as Ravelry.

    The winner is a nice crocheted shawl, called the Butterfly Wing Shawl. It was designed by Holly Miller. I've had it printed out since 2008. But I am excited to do it! I am using some white Alpaca that I bought at Rhinebeck last year. It is so soft, I can't wait to see it!

    I started the shawl last night, did a few rows to get started before I went babysitting today. I couldn't decide whether to use a J-6mm hook, or a K-6.5m hook. I decided to start with the smaller hook, and if it's not light and airy enough, I will frog it and use the bigger one. I really want the shawl to be light and lacey. I will take photos when it's big enough for you to really see it.

    Another thing I am worried about, is having enough yarn. I bought one big hank, it is 8 ounces. It wound into a huge center pull ball, but everyone knows that crochet is a big yarn sucker. I have other white/natural really soft animal yarns hanging around, so if needed I can use them. Or, I have a second Alpaca hank, but in black.  I won't have to decide for a while yet. I will keep you updated.

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