Monday, July 30, 2012

A Knitters Work is Never Done

    Today, as Miss Malia slept,  I worked on my shawl. I did about three rows before she woke up, the first time. I got two more rows done before she woke up for good.  I got to knit one more row while she was avidly watching her favorite show.

    There really isn't much else to talk about today. I also got to knit with Kim while Cherub was in karate class. Perhaps I shall get to work on it some more this evening.

    I cooked chicken breasts for dinner, seasoned with Hubs' favorite, Montreal Steak. I use it on everything, from steaks to pork, to chicken. I haven't tried it on fish yet, I am the only one in the house who would eat fish, so I don't even cook it.

    Now we are watching a time travel karate movie, a kid goes back in time to save the Monkey King. The movie was my choice, there isn't much on tonight. I'm hoping Hubs will want to watch the new DVD that came today, the newest in the Underworld series.

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