Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Heat

    Today is another scorcher, high to reach 93ish. Tomorrow will be worse, they say, high to be 94 to 99 degrees. It makes me really glad we have a pool.

    This year, we have been really slow getting the pool up and running. It's usually ready by July 4th, but with getting the Fishkill house ready to be lived in, the pool got neglected this year. Finally, today, it is swimable. And as usual, I was the first one in.

    Poor Hubs has been battling with the algae, this year it's been really horrible. Right up until yesterday, the pool was green. This morning, when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw right away that the pool was no longer green. So, we went down, tested it, adjusted the chemicals, and a little while later, we were in!

    I even got our floats and noodles out, and Hubs blew up our mattress float, and my lemon slice float. I had an orange slice too, but last year it went missing.

    This is what poor pool looked like, not even at it's worst:

    Now, it's a little green again, Hubs had to scrub some algae off the left wall. But we added more shock to the water,and chlorine tabs in the skimmer basket, so it should all be out very soon.

    It was so hot down there today, as soon as we came back in, we had ourselves a Klondike bar. Yummy yummy. Now we can relax in the air conditioning, and wait until the sun is off the pool. That's my favorite time to swim. Usually by 4:30 or 5 p.m. the pool is mostly in the shade.  AAAHHHH. This is how to keep cool in the heat!

    P.S. You should've seen  me knitting a wool shawl, in my bathing suit, by the pool!

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