Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arachno Shawl Update

Saturday Night:

    Here it is, Saturday night. I finally got through the cobweb border, I did eight pattern repeats. I am now almost finished with the transition ribbing rows, just one row left. In between the rows, I'm unraveling the dropped stitches. This one is going a lot faster than the wool one. Maybe because I am using acrylic this time, Simply Soft.

    I really wanted a shawl I could just throw in the washer and dryer, and not have to worry about blocking it. I am probably the worlds worst blocker, I haven't blocked anything since my brown Lena sweater over a year ago. I simply don't have any good space in which to lay out my wooly goodness. Although I am mentally preparing myself to try the empty bedroom, someday to be my craft room. There's no air conditioning in there, and lots of floor space. I have those blocking foam pad things, and tons of old blankets.

    I think I'm giving up for tonight, I'm getting sleepy.


    Before I went to bed, I decided to finish the transition ribbing rows, and do the first row of the second color. I also unraveled about 1/3 of the dropped stitches.

    After I got up this morning and got a cuppa coffee in me, I unraveled some more, and at this time, I have done a few more rows of the shawl body. I plan on taking some photos later on today, if the sun ever comes out. I got woken up at 6 a.m. We shall just have to wait and see.

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