Monday, July 9, 2012

One project stalled, a new one started

    The stalled project is pictured below, I have gotten to 5 ridges on the Elizabeth Zimmermann baby surprise jacket. This is where it gets unclear in the directions. I'm still waiting for a playdate for help.

    For good news, I got to start a new project today! A friend of my Hubs is having his very first grandbaby, by the end of this month. Hubs has asked me to make his favorite crocheted baby blanket for the new parents.

   There is one little problem. The original version is made with 7 colors of a really pretty baby yarn. Unfortunately I haven't seen about 4 of the needed colors in many months. Since they "know" this baby will be a boy, I went out and bought some of the same pretty yarn, but only three colors, white, blue and a blue variegated. I'll make the blanket, but with wider stripes since there's only three colors of yarn.

    The pattern calls for the yarn colors to be used two strands together, starting with 2 of white, then white and the second color, then 2 of the second color, then one 2nd and one 3rd, then 2 of the 3rd, etc. Here's how it looks so far:

   As you can see, I am on the solid blue stripe. I'm doing four rows of each, except for
the white. I used more than four of that color. I think it will be very pretty, I just hope it's big enough!

    And for the best news, I didn't have to go to Hobby Lobby for the yarn! I found what I needed at Michaels. The original colors were - white, yellow, peach, pink, lavender, blue and green. I would have needed to go to Hobby Lobby because that's the only store I've ever found that had this yarn in the peach color. Every other time I've made this blanket, I had to get the peach yarn from ebay.

   Let's just say that I am pleased at how the blanket is turning out. I think I forgot to mention that the yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates. Its really pretty, it had a shiny thin ribbon running through it. You can see it in the photo if you look closely.

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