Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Collect Some Stuff.

    I collect things. It's not gotten to an extreme, yet, but I collect some pretty odd and unusual things. For starters, I collect gavels. Yup, the kind the judge uses. I don't have many, since I got them all on ebay, and I quit ebay after getting my identity stolen, TWICE. After the second time, that's when I quit. Anyway, I have a lucite gavel, an ebony gavel, and a ceramic one too. There is one that is hand painted with flowers and things that was owned by a female judge. Most of the rest are just plain wood.

    I also collect sand. I have sand from around the world, even Russia. Well, technically it's dirt, but it's from a river bank. I have sand from Ireland, Grenada, and other places that I can't recall right this minute. Here are a few photos of some of my sand.

    Right now they are all on a shelf in the den. After my craft room is finished, they will have a nice shelf, all to themselves, where everyone can see them.

    I also have a liking for gargoyles. I can only afford small ones, but someday I hope to have a big one, out by our pool. I even have one that rides with me in my Jeep.

    Then there are the hedgehogs. I like them too. I have mostly stuffed ones. Here is a photo of some of them.

    I also, as you can see, collect books. I have five bookshelves, all overflowing with books. I also have a rocking chair that no one can sit in because it's piled with books. These bookshelves will be moved into the new craft room. That way, Hubs gets his den back.

    And of course, I collect yarn. It's so bad that I have two stashes, one here at my house, and one at my friend Bonny's house. It is under control, I swear. But to go with the yarn I also have many, many crochet hooks, and knitting needles! And tiny scissors, and yarn needles, and tiny tape measures, and stitch markers, etc. etc. etc.....

   And patterns too!! I have two huge three ring binders filled with crochet patterns, and one smaller one with knitting patterns. The crochet notebooks are all divided into catagories and everything.


  1. Youre not a hoarder though, you can walk around in your house just fine :)

  2. Thanks! I think I might have the tendancy to hoard, so I have to be careful...