Friday, July 6, 2012

Random True/Funny Stories

    Sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee, I was, as usual, wondering what I could possibly blog about today. Then something made me remember a few true things that have happened. I think they give a little clue to my personality.

    Our family was attending a karate tournament in Pennsylvania, along with many other karate families from our Do-Jang. It was Saturday night, and all the kids had gathered in our room, as the hotel pool had closed. Well, Hubs and I were tired, and wanted to go to sleep. We couldn't figure out how to get these kids to leave!

    Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. I opened the drawer of the nightstand, and of course, there was a Bible inside. I pulled it out, and announced to the kids that since it was after midnight, it was now Sunday, and time for a Bible reading. As I flipped through the book, the kids all fell over themselves in a rush to leave our room. Mission accomplished. Besides, I have a feeling that should I have read aloud from that particular book, I would have been struck by lightning....

    Another year, another tournament in Pennsylvania. This time we were on our way home, complete with trophies and our son's friend who accompanied us. As we were driving down the never ending highway, I spied a flash in the sky, and promptly cried out, "Look, a Pterodactyl!" The look on the face of that young man was priceless. Of course, it was an airplane, but I am a bit twisted (thanks, mom and dad), and am always seeing either Pterodactyls or dragons in the sky.

    As you might guess, my beloved Hubs has quite the sense of humor, to put up with me for so many years. It is extremely important to me that life never be boring. I love spontenaety. As my favorite quote from facebook states, "I try to never make plans, because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in court!"

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