Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blanket's Done! Next Project Planned!


    Yee Haw! The blanket for baby Tortarella is all done! I will wash it in the morning. I always launder everything I make, whether it's for sale or gifting. I need to be satisfied in my own mind that it launders up well. Besides the fact that it's always so much softer after it's washed and dried.

    And here is a close up of the details.

    I absolutely feel it is totally unethical to sell, or give to someone, a handcrafted item that has not been laundered! What if it melts in the dryer? Are you going to give them their money back? That's why I insist on laundering everything I make, before sale or gifting. It's even on the postcard they get with it, complete laundering instructions, and the fact that it has been washed already for softness.

    I have said before, this is my Hubs' favorite baby blanket pattern. I have made it for many of his friends who have babies. It's made with two strands of yarn held together, starting with the white. Then one white and one light blue, then two light blues, then one light blue and one variegated, etc. It sort of blends from one color to the next.

    The original was made with seven colors, it looked like a rainbow. Very pretty. Anyway, with this one, Hubs was worried that it wasn't big enough. So after it was done, I brought it to him, and he asked me to add the white border. So I did. Now it's all done, and it seems just in time! He got a phone call last night that the soon-to-be mom is at the hospital. We hope everything is alright, and we also hope that the new baby will be healthy and well. We hope her visit is for him to be born!!

    And it's on to the next project! I saw my friend Kim's current shawl project,a nd LOVED IT!! So I came home and went to Ravelry and ordered me a copy of the pattern. I even have the yarn picked out, from my stash! Kim had given me five skeins of a really pretty Malabrigo worsted weight that has been waiting for the right project. I think this shawl might be it!


    Hubs got a text message today, Baby Tortarella was born last night about 11:30!! And he is indeed a little boy! The new grandpa was so shook up, he couldn't remember the little guy's name! It's either Max or Matt. I'm hoping for Max! That name sounds cool. Now I we just have to get his new blankie to him!


  1. I still say you made that women go into labor when you finished the blanket ;)

  2. Maybe, but you can't rush a baby being born, especially a first baby!