Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tales of Malia

    My littlest charge, Malia, sometimes does the cutest things. And I swear, every day she's cuter than the day before.

    This past Friday, I heated her lunch up for her in the microwave. I put a few noodles from the bowl in front of her on the tray of her high chair, so she could feed herself. She looked at me, then at the noodles. She picked them up with one hand, and with the other she reached out, took my hand and turned it over, palm up. She then took her handful of noodles and put them in my hand. I took that to mean "Thank you, but no, I would rather not have noodles again today!"

    She totally blows me away sometimes. She doesn't talk too much, but makes her demands known. I know she understands when I talk to her, because if she's having trouble with something I tell her to bring it to me, and I will help her. She usually stops and brings it to me.

     There are things on the shelf behind the one couch where I usually sit, that she shouldn't have. She loves to try and get these things. She will climb up on the couch, and on me, to reach these items. I usually hold her back with one hand on her tummy, and tell her "No, there's nothing up there for you!" The first few times I did this, she gave me the dirtiest look, and told me off, but good, in baby language. As time has gone by, she is more accepting of my no's.

     Also last Friday, we lost power for a few seconds, and it messed up the cable box, which had to reboot. She got impatient, and I explained to her that the box had to fix itself. She walked over to the box, looked down at it, and proceeded to tell it off! I told her that it wouldn't do any good, the box takes its own time. But it sure made me giggle in amazement!

    Unfortunately at the current time, I am not actively working on any knit or crochet project. I am waiting for a day when I can get together with my knitting expert friend to help me interpret Elizabeth Zimmermann's directions. Hopefully that will happen soon!

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