Friday, June 29, 2012

The Way of the Universe

    My whole life, I have marveled at the way the Universe works. You need, really need, something? You get it. You seriously need money to pay a bill? The mailman leaves an unexpected check for you in your mail, or, going through your old clothes, you find money in a pocket that you totally forgot about.

     I have come to totally trust in the power of the Universe. If Hubs is freaking that he can't find a certain thing, I tell him he must not need it yet, because when he really needs it, he will find it. Of course, he gets angry at me, tells me that "Yes I really do need it now!", because he's preparing for something way in advance. Which totally supports my point, don't you agree?

    When my youngest child was small, in Kindergarten I believe, he had a very awesome bus driver, who we became friendly with. His name was Brian. For years, he drove Jess to school and home every day. Even years when he wasn't assigned that route, he would always beep and wave to me when he saw me outside.

    I recently thought about Brian, and wondered of he was still driving school buses. Well, the Universe heard me. Yesterday as I was walking to my Jeep, a man on a bicycle was riding towards me. He hollared out, "Hi, Jesse's mom!". I stopped and stared, and then he said "It's Brian, Jesse's bus driver!" To which I replied, "Hi, Brian!", as he pedaled past me.

    I wish he could have stopped for a chat, but was obviously on his way somewhere. Now I know that he is still alive, at least, and appears to be doing well! Perhaps someday, he will be able to stop for a chat. I would like to update him on our lives, and ask if he's still driving busses. Do you hear that, Universe?


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