Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Un-Crafting Report

    At the present time, I am not working on anything. That's right, not one thing. The secret project I started, I ended up frogging because something wasn't right. I was in the decreasing, but had waaay too many stitches left for the K3, K2tog round. I would like to start over, but I think I should use a smaller size needle, and then it would need to be shorter than 16". I don't have any circular needles less than 16". Perhaps you can see my dilema.

    When I go babysitting, I am taking my nook, so I can read while Malia naps. I am currently taking a break from Game of Thrones III (I don't remember the exact name of the book), and have started reading the Ann Rice werewolf novel. So far, it's good. I do miss crocheting and knitting. I have even looked through the newer patterns I have gotten from Ravelry, which I put on one of those stick drive things. There is another colorwork blanket which I might be interested in trying. At least, when I get some money ahead to buy the yarn.

    All I can do is hope that soon I can get together with my knitting expert friend so she can interpret what the great EZ means in the directions of the baby surprise jacket. I can't even call it a pattern, it's really directions.

    On a totally different note, I finally baked my famous walnut peanut butter chip brownies last night. I finally felt like baking! I used the metal pan, when I should have used the glass one. They are a little overdone on the edges. Next time, I will remember to use the glass pan. That's how long it's been, that I forgot which pan makes them come out the best!

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